Balloting Systems and Services

Mail Ballots: Optical Scan Paper Ballots

  • Outgoing envelopes with your logo
  • Barcoded return envelopes containing information unique to the voter and known only to us, so they cannot be fabricated
  • Business reply mail, if desired
  • Secret ballot envelopes for the highest level of voter security, if desired
  • Plain paper or watermarked ballots, depending on your security needs
  • Ballots counted by high-speed optical scanners
  • Full transparency: all ballot packages authenticated in front your election committee, candidates, or members (depending on your requirements)
  • Logic and accuracy tests prior to the ballot count, and public system audits of the count (depending on your requirements)

Polling Place Elections: Optical Scan Paper Ballots

  • We can run your polling place using print-on-site ballots or pre-printed ballots, depending on your needs
  • We can create “Voter ID cards” or other barcoded ID letters to provide greatest efficiency in registering voters and distributing ballots
  • We provide the number of ballot distribution points appropriate to the size of your voting population and the speed at which you want the lines to proceed
  • In multi-site elections, we can provide several techniques for ensuring that voters don’t vote in multiple locations.
  • We can provide and track provisional ballots if your rules allow for them
  • All aspects of the ballot counted using the same techniques as mail ballots above

Secure online balloting

  • Unique PIN logins
  • Housed on multiple sites, our online system meets or exceeds all contemporary security standards
  • Credentials supplied by mail, email, or both depending on your needs and the needs of your voters
  • Instant “ballot count” at the close of the election

Hybrid paper/electronic systems

  • Any aspect of the paper and electronic voting systems described above can be combined, providing your voters with multiple ways to cast their ballots

Other services

  • If you require, we can facilitate your nomination meeting, or simply be present at it.
  • If your rules permit candidates to send campaign email blasts, we can provide a platform to make this possible.