Clients and specializations

We serve the following types of institutions and organizations:

Labor Unions

Our principals have administered over 600 elections for unions since 2005 including dozens of internationals, with as few as 500 qualified voters and as many as 165,000. We are deeply knowledgable about the Office of Labor Management Standards regulations for union elections and have brought our clients successfully through OLMS investigations and oversight on many occasions. We are firmly committed to union labor, and work only with union printers [and contractors].

Indian Nations

With extensive experience among tribes in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, MK Elections provides the efficiency necessary to run an election at a General Council Meeting with the transparency required by candidates and their supporters. Regardless of how you run your elections, we tailor our services to your laws and requirements.

Homeowners Associations and Cooperatives

We have administered numerous elections for housing co-ops in New York and homeowner and condo associations in California, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and elsewhere. We can provide HOA services by mail, at polling places, and online (or hybrid paper/online). Whether you need weighted ballots, secure mail proxies, or the ability to combine multiple systems, we can provide it for you.

Public Sector

We run public sector elections when a jurisdiction’s usual vendor is unable to provide a cost-effective solution or simply can’t handle the technical requirements of a complex election. We have experience in two cases in particular -- ranked-choice voting and weighted property owner ballots (for district formation or property tax related issues) -- but we’ve got the flexibility to handle most challenging election configurations.


We have also administered elections for religious organizations, nonprofit corporations, and other types of organizations that require less frequent balloting. We have administered court-ordered elections, assisting organizations in reaching settlements. Regardless of who you are, give us a call and we may be able to assist you.